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Our passion here on the Treasure Coast is keeping our waterways clean! This is why we do clean-ups at the beach AND at waterfront parks.

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All water leads to the ocean. This is why we work with our local representatives on water quality issues, including fertilizer bans.

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From extraction to disposal, plastic pollutes our local communities and environment and is a leading contributor to climate change. This is why we ask you to join us in protecting the coast and Rise Above Plastics! Simple local actions can help make an impact to solve this global issue.

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We have recently partnered with our City of Stuart and Martin County officials, so you can see some resolutions to battle the growing problem of single-use plastics. We’re excited to announce that we are supporting and working with our local City and County officials to help decrease the amount of single-use plastics and polystyrene in our area.

Learn more about Rise Above Plastics on the Coastal Blog, and Beachapedia.

Visit the Surfrider Foundation Store for Rise Above Plastics reusable bags, reusable bottles and more!

Did you know….

Our Ocean Friendly Restaurant Program works hand in hand with local restaurants to reduce plastic waste and eliminate the use of expanded polystyrene. This Program aims to educate consumers and promote restaurants that are making a difference in protecting our ocean, waves and beaches. These restaurant owners commit to recycling practices, having reusable tableware, provide straws on request only, and offer no plastic bags on to-go orders. But most importantly they use no expanded polystyrene foam.

Right now we urge you to urge our local restaurants to become a member of this program! It is FREE and benefits out community greatly. Contact our OFR coordinator for more info on this program.

Please join us for updates to our volunteer list. Visit our Facebook Link to Learn More!

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