Treasure Coast


We are a 100% volunteer led organization! Join us today!

Surfrider is all about grassroots volunteering. This means getting people involved in activities and outreach in our local community and state, and helping them – YOU! – take the lead on creating change!

Ways YOU can help:

#1 – Send us an email to either OR and you will be put on our e-mail list. This way you can be notified when we have events and meetings.

#2 – Take it a step further – When you email us, let us know that you not only wish to be on our email list but you also want to be a part of our incredible, official, Treasure Coast Surfrider Volunteer Team! We will then have one of our Team members get in touch with you and go over our mission and answer any questions you may have.

REMEMBER: With a small annual donation you are not only supporting our local Treasure Coast Chapter, but you will also become part of an amazing community of environmental change makers in the Treasure Coast. Click the “Give” button at the top of this page to donate.