Treasure Coast

Our Work

The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network.

  • The Treasure Coast Chapter is currently working with the City and County and the Beach Bucket Foundation to hopefully get a few of the Beach Bucket stations installed at a few local beaches and/or waterfront parks. 

  • 3/25/22 Surfrider: Treasure Coast Chapter gathered volunteers from local water-friendly businesses and assisted in getting a massive, over 600 lbs, pile of rope off the beach at Bonsteel Beach in Sebastian, Fl. This was a great success as it had taken over 2 months for our local chapter to convince anyone that would listen that we needed their help. Even the local “powers that be” would not get involved. Now our locals, tourists and marine life (such as nesting sea turtles) can visit that beach without the danger of that debris being there. 
  • 1/01/20 part 1 of Ordinance 2416-2019 (Plastic Straw Ban) goes into place. The city-wide plastic straw ban ordinance prohibits the distribution of plastic straws in the provision of food services in any retail establishment. The ban additionally applies to any special events occurring within the city. The ordinance states that until 12/31/20 plastics straws may only be distributed upon a specific customer request. Businesses operating with a drive-thru window are allowed to provide a straw without receiving a request. There are exceptions to this ordinance. Please see ordinance 2416-2019 for details. 
  • 10/28/19 City of Stuart Mayor and Commissioners voted to pass an ordinance, vowing to stop using single use plastic and foam materials at all city-owned parks, facilities, venues and permitted events, diverting tons of waste from landfills.

  • 5/18/19 We joined Hands with RiverKids at Stuart beach. And many other powerful voices in our community. Looking forward to a collaborative effort for clean water.

  • 5/13/19 We are please to report in that the City of Stuart passed unanimously a resolution to reduce single-use plastics. That have also decided to move forward with a workshop to plan for a ban on plastic single use straws and bags, along with polystyrene. This is fantastic news. Thanks Governor Ron De Santis, without your veto our hands would be tied!

  • 4/23/19 Pass A Resolution – Martin County Commissioners vote unanimously to pass a local resolution to reduce single-use plastics and polystyrenes in our local community. The plan roles out in steps. the intent is to celebrate local restaurant owners they have partnered with the Treasure Coast Surfrider Foundation in efforts to be Ocean Friendly. These Ocean Friendly Restaurants known as OFRs take a few extra steps like recycling, reducing, and offering Earth Friendly options.Today’s commission meeting was so promising. There was a general sense of responsible stewards looking out for community.