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World Ocean Day Park Clean-Up

We had a great time helping nature on World Ocean Day, which this year fell on Tuesday, June 8th. We had the opportunity to teach kids just how important a simple clean-up can be. One of the youths even commented "I don't normally see all the trash here, but maybe I wasn't looking for it. It is easy to ignore things I guess." How true this is. If we do not train our eyes and our minds to be on the lookout for things that are detrimental to our waterways, we might just overlook them.

Let's make this a goal. Train your eyes and mind to ALWAYS look for ways you can help nature and our waterways, even in the simple ways such as picking up a piece of plastic that has been left on the ground.

Take a look at the results and quick photos we grabbed from our clean-up yesterday.

Make sure to join us for our next clean-up!

If you want to be on our volunteer list, please contact us today!